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You can keep up with EDGECELSIOR by subscribing to the YouTube and TikTok channels below and subscribing to the The EDGECELSIOR Show podcast. Also, EDGENOTES provides in-depth analysis on key edge computing trends.

Pete is a regular on several podcasts, including IoT Coffee Talk, speaks at a range of tech conferences and events - and is available to moderate or participate in your next tech event.

Here's a selection...

The IoT Show: State of The Edge Art 

Pete Bernard is a seasoned Edge expert who joins me on the #IoTShow to discuss the state of the Edge, how critical is has become, in which industries and why. We discuss the challenges one should expect when implementing a solution with components at the Edge, the next milestones for the Edge and how the Edge can help reduce the environmental impact of AI.

5G Guys: AI + IoT + Edge

If you’ve been listening to our show recently, or if you’ve been around any tech talk, you’ve probably heard AI, IoT, and even Edge thrown around. But what does it all actually mean? How do they all connect and what exactly are they doing to advance our world?

TelcoDR: Monetizing 5G & IoT

In this episode, I talk with Pete Bernard, Senior Director of Azure Edge Devices, Platforms and Services, about how 5G, IoT, AI and the edge can work together to help telcos make bank and get a good night of sleep.

In this episode of The IoT Unicorn Podcast, Rene Haas, CEO of Arm, discusses the development of edge devices and the 5G wave.

Edge Impulse: Reinventing the Edge with 5G and AI

A discussion of how the combination of 5G, Edge and AI unlock new scenarios and solutions for businesses.

TM Forum: Getting From Here to There with 5G, Edge and AI

This talk outlines a case study with Telstra and Microsoft that leverages the combination of 5G, Edge and AI technologies to solve critical infrastructure challenges in Telstra's 5G network. 

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