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In Their Own Words

Pete Bernard has worked across virtually every major telco, semiconductor partner and edge technology provider at the most senior levels.  EDGECELSIOR's experience works for you. References are via LinkedIn.

Joe Coco


Partner, Product Management for IoT and OT edge

"Pete is a strategic thinker and highly skilled in developing partnerships with other companies. While he has a broad set of experiences, he has particularly deep knowledge of the hardware ecosystem, especially wireless and silicon. He is well-rounded with both technical depth and business acumen. I really enjoyed collaborating with Pete and getting his calm, direct, and thoughtful guidance."

James Hammond

Director of Products

"Working with Pete these past 5 years in various situations has allowed me the opportunity to see his considerable ability to translate technical issues to business/market impact as well as his broad and deep knowledge of the telco industry… Pete consistently engages with sincerity and integrity enabling partnership in areas where collaboration would otherwise be difficult. Highly recommended."


Jeffery Torrance

Senior Vice President and General Manager Connected Smart Systems

"Pete has been a great partner; seeing the big picture and selling the vision, as well as driving the details of execution."

Henry Jerez

General Manager
Ambient Computing

"What a gift for the industry to have your expertise and insight at their service. I am sure you will continue to drive impact at so many levels now in even more areas with your new company."
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